Saturday, December 11, 2010

w0rds aRe sHaRpeR thAn kNife..

In The Nama of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful..

The truth is...,now i'm addicted with blog.When  I saw my laptop  can't stop myself from opening my blog..Well,just a new thing for me.Blog is more interesting than facebook actually.I guess.So,back to the topic here,words are sharper than knife..Are u agree???Please say yes my dear..(~,~)
With the words people can fight each other..

A story about me,myself.I have a friend not a best friend we just in the same class for 2 years but truely said that I'm not satisfied with him so much.For me he's disgusting!At the same time I feel sorry with him  I don't know why.I'm talking like rubbish maybe.
One day he called me..OK fine just be positive with him.As I guess we'll fight each other.U know what,he asked me my p0inter and I'm being honest with him but how could  he said like this to me..
< i told u,u can't carry the law subject and i suggested u to change your course before anything happen or you will regret for the rest of your life.>
Fine!He treated me like rubbish..!I just can't accepted that.Hello..!We'll wait and see okey who are the best one.Let us having a healthy competition.

One more thing that I can't accepted is he removed me from his friend list in fb.What the hell?U are childish,acted like my younger cousin who are 6 years old.U just like to condemn other people without caring their heart.Of course I'm angry with u because there's no apologise after that..

So,what can be said is be careful with anything that comes out from your lovely and sweety mouth!It can destroy your future..!euww!It's sound silly..huhuhu..What ever.As a human nobody perfect and as a Muslim we should cares each other not fighting okey..I admit that I'm not a good person but just want to share something that we can take it as a lesson..I'm not going to preach!

Last but not list,I try my best to write my blog in English eventhough there are a lot of mistake maybe but I will improve it..Give all your support please..(-,-)

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