Wednesday, December 29, 2010

HoW t0 cOnTr0l y0ur appEtite

  Assalamualaikum..Now i'm back with a new t0pic to share with you..Let us control our weight together.Here some tips on how to control your appetite..I took this fr0m newspaper..huhu:)Okey let us start decrease your appetite naturally..Without any medicine.
First of all:
1-Drink a glass of water and relax before eating,concentrate on your food and enjoy it slowly.Keep the food warm at the table.This important to make eating slowly a nice experience,and you need to acquire the habit.

2-Eat slowly-It helps using smaller spoons.You need about 20 minutes from the beginnning of a meal to get the full feeling (this is how long it takes for the brain to send signal of content).If you eat fast,you end up eating a lot during that time.

3-Add more fibre and protein to your diet.Protein is digest oslowly and takes longer to convert into body fat than fats or carbs.Lean meat is a great source of protein,so are legumes,nuts,eggs,and dairy product.

4-Avoid sugary food.For many people,especially those prone to obesity,large amount of sugar will quickly spike the blood sugar,leaving them tired and hungrier than before.

5-Eat something that takes up a lot of room in your stomach like soup or salad.

6-Drink some coffee or tea.The caffeine suppresses appetite in some people.Don't add sugar if you are trying to lose weight.Drink water 0r(unsweetened)herbal tea.Do this throughout the day.

7-Exercise.Both aerobic exercise and weight training change your body's hormone levels in a way that temporarily suppresses appetite.

8-Find something else to do for 20-30 minutes.Get away from your kitchen and immerse yourself in something that interests you.Most hunger pangs will pass during that amount of time.

9-Do something repulsive,like cleaning the toilet or the litterbox,or smell something putrid.Awhiff of a dumpster will usually do the trick.

10-Get enough sleep.A shortage of sleep lowers level of leptin in your body,which results in that you feeling hungry.

That's all the tips..Next time we'll discuss more about diet..For me,diet is not something that make us become smaller than before,but it is just the way how you cares about your body health..Don't misunderstanding about this..I would like to share something ISLAMIC,but maybe next time.Lets us make the blog as aknowledge medium whether dunia or akhirat..huhu..


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